UNTRASOL, based on experience with clients across industries and borders, has built a integrated approach to Supply Chain to help companies change the the way they source and manage the materials and services they are in touch with.

UNTRASOL, supports its unique step by step analysis with its professional team and perspective to provide you best solutions for your supply chain requirements. After clearly defining the vision and requirements to determine the guiding principles, UNTRASOL develops a tailor-made roadmap to built a reliable and long-term system for your company.

According to customer needs, UNTRASOL may be involved in your Supply Chain Management as a management office or may take place in direct execution. UNTRASOL will continue its active position in monitoring and developing the system at each step to confirm the sustainability of the system as a main company policy for their customers.

UNTRASOL Supply Chain Management system will offer your company a complete tailor-made solution including but not limited to procurement, sourcing, development of production effiency, warehouse and logistics management and so on.